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parts for my 51 champion coupe

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  • parts for my 51 champion coupe

    does anyone know where the cheapest and best place to get parts for my 51 champ door gaskets,fender gaskets,exc.i also have a peice of crome missing on the lower part of the trunk on the drivers side. i see two small holes about six inches apart does any one know what might go there.

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    Once you've joined the Studebaker Drivers Club, you'll find the club magazine is loaded with vendors ads. I'd start with a catalog from Studebaker International, they have a web site.

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      Right off - I'd say that the words "cheapest" and "best" don't always work together well. Now if you want to say that you want "the best" at the "cheapest price to be found" - that's different.[}]
      There's a wealth of vendors that have these parts available. SI (Studebaker International) IS one of them - but there's lots of others too. There's SASCO,, Stephen Allen's Studebaker, William Fennessy, etc., etc., etc..

      As JDP says, the Turning Wheels magazine is a doorway to discovery about all things Studebaker. The $27.50 yearly subscription will be money saved over the frustration of finding info and parts.

      As to the "ornament" on the deck lid - I know of none for your car UNLESS it's a Champ with automatic tranny. Then some had a little script that said "Automatic". Other than that, it was quite common for dealers to have chromed metal ornaments made with the dealership name and location (ie: Portland Ore. for example) that were affixed to the deck lid. THAT might be what you're missing there!

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