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    I have a 53 commander HT and my steering wheel needs a complete restoration. I have two cracks in the hub itself. I've been passed around to various wheel restoration shops. Most don't have a mold, one said he thought the cost would be between $750-$1,000 (because of the ribbed texture around the top half of the wheel), and the rest said to go to swap meets until I find one.

    I've checked some yards, but most have nothing. I found a local yard (here in Colorado) that has a wheel that needs slightly less restoration than mine, but it's been outside for at least 30 years and is very brittle. I've read about the POR-15 kit, but don't know if that does anything more than fill cracks.

    The best deal I've found so far is Koch's in CA which offers a new casting for $400. I'd like to keep the wheel original looking, but it doesn't need to be perfect. Any other good sources?

    G. Howes

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    Sounds like you're the expert at this point. Lucking into a better one - even at a STUDE swap meet is gonna be a star-crossed moment. We're talking FIFTY-TWO years now with the plastics technology of that time.[V]The one in my 53 is the original and I'm lucky in that while it's got some age cracks, there's no chunks or gaps showing - yet.

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      Thanks for the note. I'll try the POR-15 on the junk yard wheel (I got it for $25). I'll let you know how it works, but it sounds like I'll have to save my pennies for a long term solution.

      G. Howes


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        OK, here's a deal for ya. I'm currently using what I believe to be 53 steering wheel on my 50 until I find the correct wheel for it. Find me my wheel for me and this one will be available.



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          I had a pretty good 1953 steering wheel that I replaced with a NOS one years ago. I ended up including the used one in the parts lot that I sold to Bill Cathcart about 15 years ago. It is a long shot, but you could try him.
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