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Stude cars and trucks available

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  • Stude cars and trucks available

    One thing about developing a reputation as a Stude nut is that once your "craze" is known throughout that land, Studebakers come looking for you![}] This week has been particulary nutso in that respect. And even tho I've bought and sold Studes to my personal and monetary advantage, I've backed off on doing that much anymore. What happens is that I don't get anything done BUT the buying and selling of Studebakers. Not to say I don't like the money but I'd like to be able to build a Stude or two for myself!
    SO - I've just gotten leads on TWO stashes of Studebakers here in California. I know NOTHING of their condition or models or prices. In both cases I have only a guy's name and a phone number. THAT'S ALL. Well, I guess I can say I know that one guy has (3) 2R trucks for sale and the other has (17) Stude cars and trucks for sale. But that's all I know. That and the fact they're in California and fairly close to the coast.
    I will share names and phone numbers if any of you want to call. I don't want to get involved, no matter what. My plate's already full and I need to resist temptaion at all costs![xx(] If anyone wants to know about these cars and trucks, E-mail me and I'll provide a contact phone # and name. Beyond that, I'm not involved and don't wanna be![}]

    Miscreant at large.