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  • do it your darn self

    howdy fellas,

    Thought i'd let ya know I decided to save the 289 in my 63 Lark. My plans now are to replace the wiring harness, overhaul the brake system, and relace all the bushings on the suspension, shocks, tires, all that good stuff. I've really taken to this car and i'm sure excited about gettin it ready for summer.
    My question is pertaining to the wiring harness. I see a ton of places offering "universal 20 circuit" harness'. Any thoughts on a brand? Are the 'custom fit' types any good? I'll get pics up soon also. Thanks in advance. RECON 1st CAV

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    Howdy yourself! I buy mine from Studebaker International. They come to me almost identical to the original. It's really easy to replace them as all you do is pull one thing off and plug the new wire in. Good luck with that lark. I sure love mine... Nine and counting.[:I]

    Lotsa Larks!!
    Ron Smith


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      thanks for the speedy reply! ill order one in the mornin.oh...and 9? holy ****!


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        oh i forgot to find parts numbers will i need the parts book for my year model? I have the shop manual..thanks


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          Ah yep you will. Tell us what model 63V you have and which harness you need and somebody will help ya with part#s until you can get a parts book.