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Sherwood Egbert - Post Studebaker

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  • Sherwood Egbert - Post Studebaker

    Like most of you I have read alot about Sherwood Egbert over the years. I think he attempted a miracle in ressurrecting Studebaker and nearly succeeded. A few years ago I was given the opportunity to tour the top floor of the Studebaker clubhouse at the Proving Ground where the Egbert's lived while he led Studebaker. It was like visiting a time capsule and made me wonder what became of Sherwood Egbert after he resigned for health reasons and what he did during the years before his death from stomach cancer in 1969. Does anyone know? It would make an interesting article in Turning Wheels.

    Happy Studin!
    John Waddell

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    If you are trying to find out some information on Sherwood's post Studebaker days, there is an interview with him in the September, 1966 edition of Car Life Magazine, pages 2-6. The article was written by Gene Booth, who also wrote the Car Life "Build your own Studebaker" and R4 road test that appeared in '64.
    Regarding the Egbert interview, it touched mainly on auto safety. At the time, Egbert was working as a consultant on the west coast, and had an interest in a couple of oil wells.

    Eric DeRosa

    \'63 R2 Lark
    \'60 Lark Convertible


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      Thanks Eric! I'll look up the Car Life article!