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R1 Engine Designation and Dual Exhaust

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  • R1 Engine Designation and Dual Exhaust

    My 1963 GT Hawk has the 289 engine wth 4 barrel Carter carb. Does that make it an R1 ? When I got the car it had been converted to a single exhaust at some time in the past. I'm assuming it would have originally been duals. I'm thinking about getting the Silvertone exhaust system available right here in Ontario. Any useful tips on exhaust replacement and/or upgrade. Is 2 1/4" worth the extra??? If I want to fit the OEM style deflectors do they only fit 2"? Is the OEM style deflector the best protection for my newly replated rear bumper? Thanks. HUB

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    No, that doesn't automatically mean that it is an R1. Give us the engine number that is stamped on the top, front, left of the block and someone will tell you what your engine is (or originally was).
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      Without the serial number you can look for a few things that are unlikly to have been changed. one is a extra breather coming out of the oil pan, another is a thick vibration damper with a fan belt groove cut into the rear. The bigger exhaust is not worth the money on a standard 289 and the exhaust extensions do help keep the bumper cleaner.

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        Thanks guys. She's under cover and in storage until the seats are reupholstered so in a week or two when we put the carpet and seats in I'll check out that engine number and you can clue me in.