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What have I gone and bought now???

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  • What have I gone and bought now???

    Good evening everyone, I am new to the site and am in need of help. (in more ways than one) I have just purchased what is suppose to be a 1923 Studebaker touring car. I need some help in determaning which type I have got. Big six, super or lite. How do you tell them apart? The serial # is 3084263 and is on a plate on the frame. The engine does not look like the pictures I have seen of the lite series which had the distributor on the right side of the engine. This Stude has the distributor on the front of the motor on the left side and has the starter is on the right front standing up and down. Also where can I find parts for this old girl. Have seen some vendors for stuff in the late 20's and 30's but nothing in the early 20's. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Seaton

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    check out

    Even if you don't find anything you need, George is a good person to know if you have an early Stude. Sounds like you got yourself a bit of a project!

    good luck

    55 Commander Starlight


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      Well after some more research I now know that my car is a 1924 special six touring car. If anyopne has anymore info on this car please let me know, thanks Seaton