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  • Serial Number Identification

    I was out at a junkyard this weekend and came across what I believe is a 1953 Stude Commander. I was wondering if there is a Serial Number ID place here to figure out what it is exactly by the serial number. Any help would be appreciated. The serial number is as best I could tell : GI 280749. I collect Packards and know the scheme for those cars, but Studes are new to me. Id is very important as this was my fathers first car, and want to make absolutely certain I ID the correct car. Thanks for you help and time.

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    Studebaker used an I for a 1 on things like the serial number/VIN plate. The number that you have is G 1280749. The G indicates that this is a Champion and not a Commander (Commander would be no letter and start with an 8 during 1953). The number 1280749 is beyond the range of 1953 Champion numbers, so I believe that you are looking at an early 1954 Champion. The numbers on the body plate on the engine side of the cowl and the engine number will yield more information.
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      The body tag (the Gary refers to) is located on the firewall, very near the passenger's side, hood hinge. If it starts our 14G, that would be a 53 Champion, 4H would be a 53 Commander, 15G would be 54 Champion and 5H would indicate a 54 Commander. the next digits - a C or a K or a W, Y or F will tell what body style it is. The number adjacent to that letter indicates the trim level the car was decked out in. The number below the first line is the sequence # for THAT particular body tub.[^]

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