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  • 50 stud logo

    were on the internet can i find a pic of a 50 stud logo to dwnload

    so i can have embroidered in my headrest

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    You'd be lookin' for the one that's in the horn button or mounted on a small plate on the front end of the hood. I dunno where to find it on the internet though. Sounds like that would be a hell of a good idea, beautiful....



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      You can buy an embroindered patch in the style you want from Studebaker International for only $3.50 each. I think that's what you had in mind. Why not check it out?
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        nope im talking bout the red whie and blue lazy s
        and gold studebaker script


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          Go to "Google", type in "Studebaker" and then click "search". When the webpage lists come up, then click on "Images" above the query box. You'll find pages of stuff to sort through (all sizes, etc.) ENJOY! - Chris Pile
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            You're gonna be lookin' a LONG time for items such as you describe that were fitted to a 50 Studebaker. Why? Because there never was such fitted to a 50 Studebaker.[V]

            There's been a couple of red, white 'n blue emblems with a lazy S thru time. One was fitted to the hoods of some postwar Commanders. And there were some red-white-blue circular badges affixed to R-series cars of '63 & '64. That's it for red-white & blue with a lazy S involved.

            The only gold Studebaker scripts ever used were the one's on the Golden Hawks of the mid-fifties. Again - not for a '50 model.[:I]

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