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Newbie 1-1/2 ton need help!

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  • Newbie 1-1/2 ton need help!

    hey all

    Im looking into a studebaker 1 1/2 ton truck, i know its a dually. I also know that its a late 40s truck. Id like to put a cummins diesel in it. I wanna know all there is it know about this truck. What kinda things should i look at, concerns, worries, or any comments thanks


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    Considering what you want to do with it, your primary concerns should be with the cab and how rusty it might be. Check the floors, the lower part of the doors and the rear, lower cab corners. This is where they rot. I doubt you'd have to worry about anything on the frame unless this thing worked in a really salty environment.
    If it's a 1&1/2ton, the serial# will start out: 2R16. If it's a 2ton: 2R17

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      He says that it is "a late 40s truck." It is quite likely that it is an M series, which would be M16, and not an R series (2R16). Since the 2R only came out as a 1949 model, his truck may very well be an M series. An M series looks like a WW II era truck and a 2R looks much more modern (no exposed running boards). Of course, the information off the serial number plate would be a big help. The things that Bob said to look for still apply.
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