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  • New to the Forum... Need some help?

    I have recently became the owner of a '62 Gran Turrismo Hawk. My father got it four years or so before he passed. The car was in excelent shape when he purchased it... it drove great and looked very nice inside and out. It was obviously a west coast car.

    This car is too pricey and not practical for me to keep. I need to learn what I can about it and the Vin number searches are not working for me. I have the Title, the car is in Oregon, and by Oregon law I now have an affidavit of title transfer so the title is clean for all intents and purposes. This one would not take much work to be back in show shape. I live in Pennsylvania and have alot of work obligations. What I would like to do is get it all cleaned up and ready for sale as soon as I can. This is either going to mean it gets shipped to me here so I can get it done, or I go there and do it.

    What I need is a link to a Vin decoder so I can learn more about the car. I plan on trying to get out there again soon to deal with many more issues of cars, boats, property and such. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    How do you contact the museum for the specs? Rex

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    There's nothing to "decode" from the VIN# It certainly starts out "62V-" followed by a string of digits. The 62 indicates what year model it is and the V means it has a V8 engine. The rest of the numbers simply show that particular Studebaker V8 car's place in sequence as relates to ALL the V8-powered cars built in 1962.

    To know how it was equipped when it left the factory, you need to send off $45 dollars to the museum and request a copy of YOUR cars Production Order. They don't give out info for free.

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      Thankyou much. I look forward to getting into this project.


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        Have you gotten your car to PA yet? I'm on vacation and have nothing but time on my hands. If the car is drivable, I would be willing to bring it to you. All I would need are travel expences. KevinSheen, 63 Champ

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