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1952 Studebaker Motorhome

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  • 1952 Studebaker Motorhome

    Hi all

    I have a 1952 Studebaker with a chassis mounted factory motorhome. I am trying to find some imfo on it. The motorhome was built and installed by Vista line Coach and Trailer Inc. It is 16 feet over all.
    Anyone have anything to share on this one.



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    Be nice if you could post a picture !

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      Hi Les, I assume you have a Stude truck and not a car, right? Studebaker never had any "factory" motorhome option to offer. Of course, there were enterprizing dealers that would take an order for a "motorhome", and have the cab & chassis vehicle shipped directly to a builder of the "home" section for fitting and finishing.
      I found one such vehicle locally about 8 years ago. The folks that had it told of their father and an uncle both ordering such a vehicle at the same time, from the local Studebaker dealer. It was comprized of a Stude 1ton chassis w/V8-3speed overdrive and a nice-looking camper section with a walk-in door, tiny bathroom facilities and a "kitchen" as well as table and beds. This one had a bed incorporated into the "slelf" extension that hung out over the cab. It was a really cool arrangement and I could have bought it at one point. When I WAS finally of a mind to buy it, the sellers had changed their mind and decided they were gonna restore it. It disappeared shortly thereafter and there's no trace of where the camper or the owners moved to.
      Read us the serial# plate (located below the lower seat cushion on the driver's side - it should start out "2R-" and the next two digits will tell what the axle rating is) so we can determine what axle rating your truck is. Could be 3/4ton or could be a 1ton like I have seen.
      Interestingly - I bought a 2R17 (2ton) about 12 years ago that someone had built a crude abode onto the bed of. Since the thing had a 14 foot bed, the camper was pretty spacious as such go. But whoever built it was not a master carpenter and the thing had obviously started to come apart just from the rough ride of the big 2R truck. Since I was only interested in the truck, I demolished the "home" section and got the truck running (it wasn't running when I first got it). I eventually sold it to a fella that is restoring it to it's original 2R glory.

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        There are a few of these Studebaker chassis mount motor homes still around. I have a friend in Florida that has a nice one and there is another nice one in New England (NH/VT). Every once in a while I go to an SDC meet where one shows up. What condition is yours in?
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          I will post pictures of motorhome as soon as my daughter finds our camera.It would probably be quicker to buy another one.Talk to you soon. Les



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            Studegary :re motorhome . The body is in pretty good shape overall,it has minor rust in the normal spots,appears to be original but faded and worn through paint. The camper is in pretty good shape inside but needs some plywood replaced under the exterior siding. The motor was replaced with a 390 ford sometime in its life.I will post picture when my daughter finds our camera. Les