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  • Studebaker rims

    Just ordered a disc brake conversion kit for my '62 Hawk from Jim Turner. I will have to get new rims to fit over the disc brake assembly and plan on searching them out at the wrecking yard. Since I don't have the complete history of my car, I don't know how to determine what rims are on it. I assume they are Studebaker drum brake rims but it is possible they could already be rims that were made for a disc brake set up. I could wait till I finish the conversion and try them but I would like to get workable rims ready in the meantime. Are there measurements I can make to determine what I have? Similarly, are there rim measurementa I can use to determine which 80's Chrysler rims would be best for the job? Current tires are P215.

    '62 Hawk
    '30 Chev Coach

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    National Wheel and Tire Association # 40273. 15x6
    I bought mine for $36 each plus tax at a Wheel and Rim Service Co locally.
    This is a steel rim used on base models of Ford 4x4 Rangers and Bronco II's
    and you can use them of course with disc brakes and unlike other Ford rims you can use the original size lugnuts.


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      The Studebaker disc brake rims have an extra, raised ridge in the rim between where the studs/lug nuts go and the outer rim where the tire goes on. This may sound confusing, but I think that you will understand, especially if you have both to look at. Maybe someone else could either describe this better or post a picture or link to a picture showing the ridge. In any event, I believe that you will be safer going with new rims. If you use full wheel covers, only you will know that they aren't authentic Studebaker rims.
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        The 5.5 or 6 in. Chrysler rims work fine. They are marked on the inside of the wheel.
        Tim K.
        Tim K.
        \'64 R2 GT Hawk