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  • Newbie GT Hawk owner

    I just recently purchased my second Studebaker a 62 GT HAWK. The first I bought back in 74. It was what was left of a really rusted 65 Daytona 2 door with the 283 Chevy and a 3 speed overdrive. Great running and driving car. This one is a 62 Hawk with a very cherry body. The serial number starts with 62V do they denote the year and model, also can anybody tell me where to find production figures and what if anything the other numbers in the serial number relate to. Thanks Dean

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    Welcome back Deano. The 62V denotes the year and the fact that it was a V8 car. The remaining digits are simply a number showing your Hawk's standing sequence-wise in the 1962 production of V8 cars. All V8 cars were lumped together as far as that sequence goes. So the balance of that number isn't relevant to just Hawk output.
    The numbered tag that's close to the right-hand hood hinge should read 62V-K6 and below that is a number that shows your Hawk's body tub sequence. That's to say, it's place in the sequence of Hawk body tubs that were welded up over the course of the model year. Sadly, this number DOESN'T relate to your Hawk's place in line amongst all the 62 Hawks. This is because the finished tubs weren't used to build cars in the same sequence they were welded up.
    For further detailed insights as to how your Hawk was built and optioned when new, you need to get a copy of the car's production order from the Studebaker Museum in South Bend. They'll have YOUR car's specific production order on file and for a fee, they copy it for you.
    Sometimes you get lucky and the PO will also show where the car was shipped to. For sure, it will show the exact day it was built and what body # and engine # it bore at that time.

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      Thanks for the info Mr.Biggs. I will definatly be writing to the museum for the info. And I'm looking forward to good weather so i can drive it.

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        There were 9335 1962 Gran Turismo Hawks sold.
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