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46 Skyway champion coupe

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  • 46 Skyway champion coupe

    Hello,I recently came across a 46 business coupe.It's pretty rough,and the rear fenders are gone.Are these going to be impossible to find?I know the gut who owns it,and am trying to buy it from him.Thanks,Mike B.

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    The 46s were basically a very light facelift of the 42s. Neither of these were built in great numbers. But they ALSO share most of the 41s sheet metal. There was a good number of 41s built. And while I'm not really conversant on the early Champions, there may not be much difference to the rear fenders of the 39s and 40s as well. It might take a bit of detective work and watching ebay diligently but I think you can scare up a pair of fenders with a bit of patience.

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      A business coupe would be a single seat, three passenger car. There were only 2465 made for 1946. The five passenger coupe, with a small back seat, was even rarer, with 1285 made. I wouldn't let this model scarsity scare you. There were 19,275 Champions for 1946 and I believe that the rear fenders are the same for all these as well as some pre-war models.
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