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What is Studebaker worth?

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  • What is Studebaker worth?

    I have been a true fan of Studebaker ever since my buddy let me take his '53 Champion for a drive back in 1968.And,I have always wanted one to call my own.Well,now I have an opportunity to buy a '56 Powerhawk that is complete and with very little rust for a whopping price of $1000.00. Can anybody tell me if the price is right for this car? I know that if you can't see it,it's hard to put a price on something.Also,is there any place that I should look for bad rust problems on this car? It has a 259 w/stick. 2 door.Thanks for any help you can give me......

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    Unless I'm missing something, that's a no-brainer decision. I'd buy it.

    Look for rust in the front floors, rear edge of the front fenders, and rear quarters in front of the rear wheels. Also trunk near rear edge. Anything can be fixed, but be advised that the front fenders won't be cheap - unless they're real far gone it would be better to fix what you have, so plan on having to address any rust you find with patches, etc.


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      $1000,00 for a pretty decent '56 Power Hawk? Ya mean it's NOT in the driveway yet? [] Congrats on a real deal Dad. Nate hit all the high spots to be lookin' at. Keep us posted will ya?



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        I hafta agree here. A thousand bucks for such a vehicle will net you a profit if you do no more than part it out! NOT that I'm suggesting you part it out - I"m just trying to impart the idea that it's gonna be hard to go wrong for $1K !!! [:0]
        Go buy that thing if it's not already been grabbed up by someone else. We'll be glad to help you get it into shape so you can enjoy it as much as you did that drive in 1968!

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          That sounds like a tremendous buy, especially if it has the correct 1956 only hood and the hood is in good shape. There were only 7095 1956 Power Hawks built.
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            Hey,thanks for the comments.I thought it might be a good deal.I have not seen it yet,but it belongs to that same buddy of mine and he is telling me the way it is.He has a 53 champion ,again and needs to get rid of this one.I don't know what it is about those cars,but I just gotta have one.Thanks again and I might need more answers,later.