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64 gt hawk

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  • 64 gt hawk

    right after jimmy carter was elected president i pulled into brother billy carter's service station in my white 64 studebaker hawk. Billy ran out to look at the 64 hawk because he owned a 49 studebaker land cruiser. I was doing on the road interviews and interviewed billy using the name herman wurlitzer. i put out my first comedy record called BUY ME A SIX PACK OF COONDOGS AT BILLY CARTER'S SERVICE STATION. On one cut of the record billy carter pretends to steal the hubcaps off the hawk for his 49 landcruiser to drive in THE PRESIDENTIAL PARADES. in 1982 i sold this 64 gt hawk and a 62 gt hawk to a radio preacher. at that time i lived in bristol, texas. does anyone have an idea how i can determined if the 64 hawk is still in existence and if so who owns it? Thanks
    robert dale a/k/a herman wurlitzer
    ps.............the record got airplay on major morning and trucker shows all over the country.

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    The car might well be around still. Sadly, there's no roster of GT Hawks that I know of. Starting and keeping such a roster current is a labor of love and almost certainly a personal crusade of one dedicated person with time to spare. It would be nice if SDC asked for more than just what type of Stude(s) a member owns. In this age of computers, it shouldn't be too hard to compile such infobits into a database we could benefit from. The trouble would be try ing to keep track of cars as they change hands or have a bad fate befall them.
    The most recent SDC roster on a CD allows you to look up all the owners of a given model (provided they bothered to share such when they joined or renewed their membership) but there's no distinguishing as far as individual serial #s or such. And even at that, the car might well be in the hands of someone who isn't IN SDC.[|)]

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