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My Families Studebakers

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  • My Families Studebakers

    Some of you have asked what kind of Studebakers that my dad and I have. I am sure that some of you have seen one or two. So here we go if I can remember them all. I have some other makes I will through in incase any of you are interested. Also got the diesel running yesterday and it sounds GREAT. I can't wait to get it to Spokan.
    Here we go. I hope i don't bore any of you and i will try and post some pics.

    My Cars and Trucks
    [u]1964 Daytona</u> restored was my grandfathers
    [u]1963 Champ </u>3/4 ton (was parked in front of the Queen Mary at the national meet in Long Beach) drove everday to highschool
    [u]1963 Champ 4x4</u> all custom suspension and all stude but axles and transfer case. truck is in process of restoration
    [u]US6</u> unrestored
    [u]1963 Tractor</u> with 289 unrestored but runs great
    [u]1960 Lark</u> unrestored but runs
    [u]1957 Kenworth</u> unrestored
    [u]1940 Autocar 4x4</u> unrestored
    [u]1929 Selden Truck</u> One of Seven left of all the years they were produced. unrestored
    [u]1967 Mustang</u> Daily driver
    [u]1967 Sunbeam</u> Tiger Mark II driver
    [u]1930 Model A ratrod</u> in process

    My Moms and Dads cars
    [u]1925 Dodge</u> Bros docotors couple restored
    [u]1930 Model A</u> truck dads daily driver in the summer
    [u]1932 President</u> unrestored
    [u]1935 Ford</u> 4door convertible restored
    [u]1937 Dictator</u> 2 door unrestored
    [u]1946 M-series</u>. Restored Orange with black fenders
    [u]1950 Comander</u> in process for my sister
    [u]1951 Starlite Coupe</u> have engine out of Chicken Hawk to go in it unrestored
    [u]1955</u>[u] Studebaker</u> dumptruck. unrestored but still used weekely
    [u]1955 President</u> Yellow and Green unrestored
    [u]1958 Packard Hawk</u> restored red in color
    [u]1963 Wagionair</u> unrestored but still used
    [u]1963 Diesel BBC</u> in process orange
    [u]1964 Avanti R-2</u> Restored for my brother but dad won;t let him have it. lol
    [u]1964 GT Hawk</u> moms driver in the summer
    [u]1964 GT Hawk</u> with R-2 and 4 speed unrestored
    [u]1964 GT Hawk</u> unrestored

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    I posted some pictures on the website. Hope you like them. Jay