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old studebaker dealer

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  • old studebaker dealer

    my dad was the studebaker dealer in fayetteville, arkansas in 63 and 64. tonight i found the file that has the invoices of the cars he sold. wonder if any of them are out there anywhere?

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    Wow! Somethng like those invoices and information are like pure gold to a Stude owner. Sure would be nice to put a few of them together huh? Hope ya can! Anything else left from the dealership?

    Oh, and WELCOME to the forums! Actually, I should say welcome home!



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      i doubt if any of these cars still exist. best i can tell there were only 18 sold. nothing of interest really still exists, except for a few sales brochures i saved and some service invoices. i fondly remember going to springfield, missouri with him to pick up an avanti for short term display. after south bend shut down apparently they sold off hawks as factory exec cars for wholesale nada book. he bought 63v-22708 for $2300. and it was our family demo for a while. talk about being in car-heaven having your mother pick you up at school in a 63 hawk. one of my teacher's husband bought it and traded in a 58 provincial wagon which our family used until my dad sort of merged the dealership with the linc-merc-rambler dealer which he and i ended up owning until his death. eddie


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        Goff-McNair Motor Co. ...small world!!!

        steve blake
        steve blake...roaming the Texas Panhandle in my trusty Champ pickup