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  • Studebaker Chat 24/7

    I've been trying to "man" my chat site when ever I'm home. I should be able to be there a lot more since we'll be cabin bound here in Buffoonalo for the winter. But you guys don't need me to talk to each other real time, just get on and go and I'll meet ya there! The neat thing about the site is that it's probably the easiest way to directly communicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    I've talked to Ted and a couple of the high performance Stude guys about a specific day/time for a racing/high performance, question/answer/discussion deal. Any suggestions about when would be the best time to have it? Don't want to conflict with other scheduled chat nights/times.

    I'm definitely NOT interested in replacing anyone else's chat or replacing the NG or anything like that, nothing further from my mind. There are very good reasons to have the NG and forums, I merely suggest it as a convenience and a place to easily converse in real time, anytime someone has the desire/need to do so, 24/7. I was thinking it would be helpful for someone who needs an answer ASAP, and/or especially for a complicated problem discussion. I know that there's a number of chat places out there, but like I said, I'm gonna be there as much as I can, (that can be any hour of the day or night), and hopefully others will keep an eye on it simply to be available to help.

    The main reason I prefer any of the chat areas is because I really enjoy the real time conversation capability. It's almost like a normal conversation, a lot easier than emails, faster than the NG or forums, and you can even make your own, private place to talk. Oh, and it's not moderated.

    If ya feel like messing with it, it's here, You do have to "register", but it's just once, fast, easy, assures that it's really you talking, keeps out the spammers, and of course, folks will need to know who to reply to. [] It's also easy to see if anyone is even there. I put it up for everyone, take advantage of it if you like, or not if you don't like. I look at it as just another way to keep in touch with Studebakering.........