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Speedster ownership history

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  • Roscomacaw
    Peter, I live in California and it used to be pretty easy to get an account of a car's ownership thru the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. You'd pay a small fee and send it in with your car's VIN# and/or License Plate# and in a couple of weeks you'd get a history of previous owners. Sadly, privacy issues have put the squash on such things now. Of course, the DMV still has such info in their records but they don't hand it out for reasons of just knowing who's owned it in the past.
    If the car came out of a different state when you bought it, you might try contacting that state's DMV. Different states have different rules about such things.

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    Guest started a topic Speedster ownership history

    Speedster ownership history

    I imported my Speedster from Springfield, MO about 9 years ago and know quite a lot about it from the production document. (It was built in LA, number 161 and delivered to somebody in Burbank, CA.) But I'd love to know more about the intervening years. Is there some reasonably simple way (from the UK) of finding an ownership history? It seems to have had an accident involving damage to a lot of the RHS at some time, subsequently repaired, but otherwise seems to be pretty original. It is probably the only one in the UK (perhaps six or seven in Europe) and causes great excitement wherever we go out, being a greater attraction than the Christmas lights in Regent Street when we went on a showing-off excursion last Christmas.