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Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Best Turkey-day wishes to all who read this! Despite the troubles of our times, we have lots to be thankful for. Quite likely, if you're reading this, you have a Studebaker in your life. The freedom to own it (or even to yearn to own one!) is a gift. In fact, if you've only got a computer to read this and a warm spot to do so, that's a gift in itself as well. If you tally up your positive points and deny any negative ones the chance to dog you, you'll see you've got things to be thankful for. Trust me, I've lived in the back of a Champ truck with a simple camper shell for cover. This during the winter time and NOT in southern Florida (sure wish it had been Fla tho!). Yet I never let myself believe I'd "hit bottom". There was always someone worse off than me.
    Even if you already HAVE the best or are wishing you could someday experience it, you have the very day at hand to be thankful for! I Personally want to wish you all, a great Thanksgiving Day and a future of fulfilled dreams.[^]

    Mr.Biggs (aka StudeBob, Bob Kay and other monikers not fit for print!)

    Miscreant at large.

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    at least you had the back end of a Champ to hole up in, right? And I bet it wasn't a Conestoga topper either!!!

    steve blake
    steve blake...roaming the Texas Panhandle in my trusty Champ pickup