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  • 64 GT

    I've located a 64 grand tourismo. Car is creme color with 1/2 black vinyl top. Hubcaps have S emblem. In front of drivers side door over side vent is an emblem, Paxton supercharger. Question is did they make 64 GT's with Paxton superchargers and how many were produced. I can't get close to car due to it being on lot that is locked up. This is all the info I have for now. Thanks for your time.

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    64 GT is pretty rare as it is due to short production year. Yes the blower was an option and yes it was a paxton blower but are you sure about the emblem? a real factory supercharged car should have an oval "Avanti Supercharged" emblem usually below the vent doors. I don't know production numbers sorry. But if you get a chance to look at it closer take a digital camera with you would love to see pics.

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      Sounds like you hit on a rare one DJ. Are you looking to buy the car? No matter what happens, please get the engine serial number, (located, standing in the front of the car looking into the engine compartment, on the right, front-most top edge of the engine, on a small machined pad, just to the right of the supercharger), in case it IS a real JT car, we can get it in the JT registry. Thanks a million in advance.



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        1964 was the last model year, and a short one at that, for the Gran Turismo Hawk. There were a total of 1772 made. Of those, 167 were R1 (non-supercharged) and 70 were R2 (supercharged). 1964 is probably the most solid Hawk. Let us know what you find out.
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