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Florida State Meet 2004

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  • Florida State Meet 2004

    [] Just returned from the 2004 Florida state meet held in Clearwater....
    Had a great time.
    Weather was great. Considering there were three hurricanes that went through there in the last month, I think they were lucky!
    Turnout was good, but a bit light. The storm damage definitely affected some members travel plans.
    There were four of five parts vendors there selling some good stuff.
    The banquet was fun, and the food was suprisingly good...
    Jeff Rice
    '61 Hawk
    '37 Coupe Express

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    The Indy chapter hosted the Crossroads zone meet in September, no hurricanes here, but turnout was not what was hoped. There was about 70 Studebakers at the show field though, not all to be judged.

    The consensus was that the economy, and gas prices, had a lot to do with attendance being less than hoped for in our case.

    Sam Roberts