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los angeles studebaker assembly plant

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  • los angeles studebaker assembly plant

    I am trying to find out the location where the assembly plant in los angles was? If any one knows the location or address please let me know. I want to drive my 62 GT HAWK by the location for nostalgic
    purposes. thanks.

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    It was in Vernon - now part of Los Angeles but at the time it was sort of a dedicated industrial complex. It's been 20 years now but I was actualy INSIDE the building that was the main plant. The irony is that I didn't realize that fact until AFTER I'd been there!
    I was involved in selling industrial control systems at the time and I made a prospect call on a small sheet metal fab company that was using a small portion of that brick building.
    I don't recall what the address was but I do know that the building was razed some years ago to clear the way for new construction.

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      Hi Bob, Thanks for the info. Dan


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        I think that the address of the Studebaker plant was 4530 Loma Vista in Vernon.

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          That address is interesting. I wonder if the name Loma Gray for the interior metal trim in '53s comes from that street name.
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            Turning Wheels had a article on it a while back. There may be some p letters on it in later issues.