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  • StudeRich
    Interesting story, it sounds like the American/English word "TRUCK" translates to "Car" over there.


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  • 64V-K7


    Bob Johnstone

    64 GT Hawk
    55 President State Sedan
    70 Avanti (R3)

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  • bombeiro25
    started a topic STUDEBAKER 1952 -- FIRE TRUCK


    In 1952, exactly 100 years after its founding, the American company Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company, headquartered in South Bend - Indiana, produces the Studebaker car model 2-R15, this car later turned into fire truck that was eventually to enter Portugal already during the year 1953, recorded in the month of March
    It would be a brief narrative of this car if it had not had such a significant impact on the Fire Department of Figueira da Foz, in fact, the coming of the Studebaker to our house was a huge asset, as the fleet of vehicles, particularly in with respect to firefighting vehicles, showed that time obsolete and worn out. It is therefore not surprising that the new acquisition had brought a renewed vitality and better working conditions for firefighters who served our city with great courage and selflessness, but lacking modern equipment.
    On December 19, 1953, the day that the Association completed 71 years of existence, the Studebaker is inaugurated with the name of the city "Figueira da Foz and it is with great pride and satisfaction that this volunteer fire department is using this car fighting fires in urban and otherwise, which is designated as APS-03 (Auto Emergency No. 3).
    The Studebaker-APS in 2003 was then a vehicle of the most modern in the service of fire brigades. Closed cabin, the car had good accommodation for both staff and equipment, allowing carry a vast amount of material that hitherto, for technical reasons it was impossible to load into other cars. The motorcycle bomb''SCHOOL'', for example, acquired a few years before, could not be transported until the time in any other car. This shows as well as the acquisition of the studebaker car was a qualitative leap, a breath of fresh air that entered the Fire Department of Figueira da Foz, breath that long desired but, for various reasons, was slow to materialize. And remember that we were then in the 2nd half of the twentieth century in Europe just after the War but already thinking about a European Union and a country grappling with a dictatorship that tried to give the exterior an image of modernity that was far from corresponding to reality .
    The year 1953 and the acquisition of Studebaker car precursors were thus a time of change and modernization of the Fire Department of Figueira da Foz, such as modernization, albeit with some less good times, had in the last 10 years new growth, thanks to interest commitment and dedication of leaders and operational.
    After more than 55 years since the arrival of the Studebaker APS-03 as car fires to serve in helping the people of the municipality of Figueira da Foz and neighbors, insists the old man now Studebaker to show that he is still alive. No longer will the fire as before, of course, but serves to show the current generations that even after all these years and with the technological advancement of the material of fire, he too at the time was more advanced and modern emergency room. The Board of the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firemen of Figueira da Foz has just put in place an initiative he called "Studebaker Party" which is nothing less than the provision of the old Studebaker for children's parties, thus combining the disclosure of Volunteer firefighters are still necessary to raise funds.
    The old Studebaker, which marked a turning point in the life of the Fire Department of Figueira da Foz, is undoubtedly a landmark of this Association, part of its long history and we are proud of the legacy left to us by our ancestors, generations of firefighters who always serve with generosity, spirit of selflessness and sacrifice from its founding in 1882 - more than 125 years, so good service to the community, always serving under the theme "A LIFE OF SERVICE TO THE OTHER LIVES."