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Big Thank You (!) from South Bend

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  • Big Thank You (!) from South Bend

    On behalf of the Michiana Chapter, and my Co-Chair Chris Patton, thank you all for coming to South Bend this year for our Annual Swap Meet and Car Show!

    We appreciate you vendors that come every year to our event, including the vendors that came over from SASCO. We also had 23 vendors that came this year for the very first time (not including the SASCO vendors). Most of all thank you folks for braving the interesting weather to bring your cars, and trucks to take part in the many events here in South Bend this past weekend.

    Diesel Jim said that there were 34 Studebaker Truck Farmers for their breakfast, Studebaker International was a pretty impressive place to tour, the Museum had some new cars to show us, and even though the weather wasn't the greatest there were a lot of events to pack into one weekend.

    Next year we are hosting the Crossroads Zone Meet here in South Bend, and we will have some new events planned for next year as well. In 2012 the Michiana Chapter is hosting the International Meet, Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Studebaker Drivers Club, and the Museum is working with us extensively to make 2012 an event full of fun things to do!

    Thank you again for coming, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

    Bob Henning

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    Thank you! You guys did a great job. The place was really hoppin' starting on Thursday.

    I brought stuff to swap with or sell to vendors, heavy things to drop off, things to pass off in a relay to others far away and many little new things which I picked up. My truck was much more light coming back; that R2 and 4 speed were quite the load!
    Got rid of everything but the NOS 1961 Lark V/8 wiring harness. I was hoping to sell or swap it for a 1960 #1549444. No luck on that.

    Your meet table always looked awfully busy, so you deserved a huge restful night's sleep. Hope you all got it. Thanks again. [^][^][^]


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      Bob you seemed to be a one man crew! Hope you got some rest!!
      Thanks to the whole chapter!


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        Hats off to all you folks for doing a very good job! This was our first time at one of your events, and we will be back for more. There were so many things we didn't get to do in the time we were there, return trips are an absolute necessity. Hope you get some well deserved rest, thanks for a great show/swap meet. B.V.


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          No, thank YOU for a great meet. We had an excellent time- my only regret is not aving more time to look through parts I did score some very good deals, and a highly-prized item that will have its own thread after I take a picture of it[8D]

          Your efforts to put on such great event are much appreciated- and we shall return![^]

          Robert (Bob) Andrews- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys)
          Parish, central NY 13131

          Ephesians 6:10-17


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            I also want to thank the Michiana Chapter and everyone that helped with the meet this weekend. The Ozark Trails Chapter thanks you for setting aside space for our display so we could promote the 2011 International Meet in Springfield, MO. We handed out a lot of material and sold lots of tickets for the quilt raffle. We will be in Glendale later this month to do it all over again.
            THANK YOU again.

            Gary Sanders
            Nixa, MO
            President Toy Studebaker Collectors Club. Have an interest in Toy Studebakers? Contact me for details.
            Gary Sanders
            Nixa, MO


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              A BIG thanks to you and the Micihiana Chapter for a great meet and a great time!

              "We can't all be Heroes, Some us just need to stand on the curb and clap as they go by" Will Rogers

              We will provide the curb for you to stand on and clap!

              Indy Honor Flight

              As of Veterans Day 2017, IHF has flown 2,450 WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans to Washington DC at NO charge! to see
              their Memorials!


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                Thanks to you Dave for dropping off that 4 speed and thanks to you Jim for hauling it down to Indy for me along with the other associated parts. ( I was a bit worried there, I thought it might have ended up in a certain red 60 convertible) Thanks again guys!

                Brian Greenall
                Melbourne, OZ


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                  You guys made our long ride well worth every minute of it. Lots of great stuff with many discoveries and prizes found and brought back. We know the effort it takes to make a meet like that one successful and we appreciate the effort that was taken to make this one a success.
                  sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past


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                    Thank you, Michiana Chapter. Second year for me and my dog. Jerry Forrester had my parts and although the weather sucked, we got the job done. Hopefully next year I'll drive a Stude. Great event.
                    Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                      Thanks to the Michiana Chapter for hosting a great time!


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                        I think someone on the loud speaker said it was the 26th year,I have been there for most. This was another Great Year! Thanks to everyone involved! Me and my wife joined the Chapter,met a lot of new Stude friends and brought 3 Studes back home to So Bend for a few days. Ed