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Option no Avanti owner should be without!

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  • barnlark
    Now there's a twist on the trailer queen moniker. Maybe, Trailer Cinderella? If it fits on that, it will fit on my frame. [:0]

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  • Gunslinger
    It was $40-$50 option on Avanti II's, depending on what model year it was offered. Most, if not all model years it was chrome plated. These were listed as "boat trailer" hitches...I guess it sounded more upscale than simply as a "trailer hitch" or for utility trailers. It should fit any Stude framed Avanti with the possible exception of later rubber bumper cars.

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  • Nelsen Motorsports
    I want to put a hitch on my 54, to tow parts to swap meets, etc.. It will have no problem with 400 foot pounds of torque from the 383![}]

    Alex Nelsen, 15 year old Studebaker nut.
    1954 Champion Coupe
    Lizella, GA

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  • lotsalarks
    We found this image a few years ago, got inspired, and bought an Avanti hitch from Skip! We'd like to find a small fiberglass travel trailer to tow, as our smallest Airstream (18') is still pretty heavy for the Avanti. ~Lori

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  • Jim B PEI
    started a topic Option no Avanti owner should be without!

    Option no Avanti owner should be without!

    I honestly didn't know that they made one for the Avanti! Saturday morning going to the garden centre with a trailer to pick up some shrubs becomes a whole new concept.

    Jim B on PEI
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