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Parts delivered to South Bend

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  • Parts delivered to South Bend

    I'll be riding along with Ken Voigt and will bring the following parts if they are spoken for ahead of time. I can email pictures. I have a suggested price - if you wish to offer more feel free to do so. I will also ship any of the parts if you wish to pay the freight.
    Please email BROWNSL3@PIE.MIDCO.NET for pictures or questions.

    1937 President parts:

    1. Complete differential w/brakes $50 (will not ship)
    I'll have to check with Ken to see about room for this.
    2. 1 wheel - 16 x 4.5 ---- 5x 5.5 pattern for 9/16 lugs $25
    3. full set of lug nuts 9/16" 10 RH and 10 LH $25
    4. complete front brake parts removed from the hubs: drums,
    shoes, wheel cylinders, backing plates, etc. $50
    5. fuel pump for rebuilding - no glass or bail $5
    6. Heater - SOLD
    7. Electro Vac - SOLD

    Would trade for 37 President ash tray and throttle knob!

    1966 Cruiser parts:

    1. Flight-o-matic - SOLD

    2. Cast alternator bracket - SOLD
    3. Starter -for parts ? Has dirt in it. Bolts incl. $5

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    Champtrucking wants the 66 alternator bracket..He will pm you computer access right now..later this eve..Thanks!!

    Making resverations at the poor house parking lot for me and my 62 Lark..


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      So far the following have been spoken for:

      37 heater
      Electro Vac
      fuel pump

      66 Brackets
      Flight O Matic Tranny


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        I'll take the flight o matic if it's still available.
        Mike Sal


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          Just found while cleaning up: the remains of a 1936 President left front fender. I used part of the front to repair my 37. The rear 1/2 of the fender is in nice condition with some surface rust and no dents.
          Would be a good piece to repair a 36 or 37 President fender.
          Picture on request.