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She surprised me today!

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  • She surprised me today!

    Decided that the Lark was being being drive to gingerly (not above 40 mph and infrequent operation) and thought it was time that I took her out to see what she could do.

    So I got her out on the road then gave her the gas. With a 6cyl. and an automatic transmission the car performed as she should have and once she was up to freeway speed (65mph) I was surprised at how stable the old girl was. In the city the steering feeling like it needs tightened up, but on the freeway it handled very nicey!

    She goes into the shop next week to get the brake pedal replaced, the emergency brake fixed and hopefully some of the play removed from her steering.

    By the time I'm ready to sell her in the fall, someone is going have a very nice little Lark!

    Stu K

    '63 Lark Regal, "Miss Rose"

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    I did just that this past Tuesday with my '62, which like Miss Rose is an OHV six/Flightomatic car...took her out Hwy 403 from Hamilton to the Brantford area, which is about twice the highway distance she ever usually covers. Little bit of juddering at around 60 but not too much, and the six didn't seem to be revving too high (doesn't shriek at that speed, just makes a lusty baritone BOOOMMMMM sound). Brakes and rad were recently done; tranny (busted park pawl) and PB cable were fixed last year. Purpose of the expressway test run? Hoping to attend the Michiana meet at the wheel of the Lark this year instead of riding shotgun (or back seat) in someone else's Stude. All going well there will be a convoy of six Hamilton Chapter cars pulling into SB early Thursday evening...including Betty the blue Lark. (The other five cars are all V8s, so wish me luck in keeping up!)



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      During the summer of 1976 while working as a roughneck on an oilfield rig, I would drive my 1961 Lark VI Regal with OHV six out to the field on some days when I didn't want to ride back in the company truck. After a fresh ring job and valve job I got her up to somewhere between 90 to 95 MPH, she was close to being maxed out I think, but was really straining to maintain that speed.


      63R-2386 under restoration & modification
      Resto-Mod by Michael Myer