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I wont be going to South Bend:(

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  • I wont be going to South Bend:(

    Not this year.Hate to miss it as it has been fun the last 6-8 years I have attended but a business opportunity was offered to me that I cant decline. I've been running my own business full time since last September and it's going well...better than I expected and SB was on the docket.The offer will keep me tied to this area until at least June if not through July and requires my attention 6 days a week so any travel is out.Just wanted to give a heads up to those who were expecting parts delivery to SB.I will still make the request for 5 cases of Yuengling Black and Tan as I bet some of my local guys who will be in SB would haul that home for me
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    Care to mention what's keeping you busy 6 days a week? If the trunk of my Hawk isn't filled to capacity on the return trip, I can bring back some cases of suds for you.

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    In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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      Brent, can you bring down some cases of Grain Belt?? I'd gladly pay you back plus gas money!!!

      Making resverations at the poor house parking lot for me and my 62 Lark..


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        Who is bringing Black and Tan??!!?? I could use a few cases PLEASE!! Or some Lord Chesterfield Ale by Yuengling brewing.PLEASE.....


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          Rich, fwiw you know I've gotcha covered if I come!

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            Like to help but not making it to SB. Did make it to the Yuengling plant this Fall. Great tour and free samples. Pottsvile, PA also has a really big car show in August. Hope to have the Packard Hawk ready.

            Larry Y
            North Wales, PA
            Larry Y
            North Wales, PA


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              AHHHHHH It looks SOOOOOOOO inviting!!!