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E-Bay Packard Hawk; unusual color combo

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    The base Packard Hawk MSRP, had there been such a thing in 1958, was $3,995.

    The idea of an MSRP arrived the next year with mandatory Monroney (yes, that is the correct spelling, Monroney) "window stickers".

    Most Packard Hawks had the $189 Flightomatic option on top of that, of course. Even overdrive was $110.40 extra, so there was "no way" you could buy one for $3,995 plus freight, because that price would reflect a straight three-speed transmssion, which wasn't available! (Welcome to the wonderful world of mandatory options...) [8D]BP
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      Looks like the car was taken off Ebay. Saw this at the fins exhibit when it was at the Hershey Museum. If I remember it was missing the Packard name on the trunk and the Hawk had the screws on the wrong way.

      Was a nice color. As for the Packard Hawk bashers c'mon, how could you not like a face like the Packard Hawk ?? Its always smiling at you..

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        I have seen this car in person about 6 times in the last 18 moths. it is far more beautiful in person than in pictures. These pictures do not do this car justice at all. I'll look around as i may have additional pictures taken within that time frame. IMHO it is drop dead gorgous when seen in person.
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          Thanks for posting this.
          I would have missed it
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          Brian Woods

          1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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            Finally found the pics I took of Dick Jukage's Surf Green/Parchment Packard Hawk in 1984:



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              Is there not a tin-toy convertible that colour? Seen one at Charlotte,very rare & expensive when they come up for sale.