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Is this a Studebaker Roll Up antenna?

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    Trucks, huh? Yeah, that muddies it up a little more...Thanks, John.
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      As I said the black "seal' on the mast makes it '62-'66 absolutely NO QUESTION, however if there are different mounting screw locations for the bottom end for Lark/Hawk you would need the dimensions, I really doubt that though. All Antennas in my Parts & Accessories Price Book F show Lark/Hawk/Sedan the same in each year range of design change.

      Of course, what you really need is it's AC numbered original box to sell it as NOS ITB, if it is!
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        OK KURTREUK, I'll muddy it up some for you (maybe). If you decide the price is right, it could look EXACTLY like the one that fits my '52 Very little besides the drivetrain is gonna be original anyhow, so what the hey. Seriously, when I first saw the words "Roll-Up Antenna", and being a neophyte Studebaker owner/collector (almost) (and I say owner/collector because I don't think I've ever known someone that stopped at just ONE Studebaker), I thought they surely wouldn't go to the trouble of making an antenna that rolled up/down, but wouldn't make it go down till flush with the fender, would they? Sure enough, they not only Would, but I figured since I'm making my '52 into a Mild Custom, if I could find an actual Stude antenna that fit flush, it would be extra great. Since they don't wind flush, it'd be great if I could lay my hands on 2 of them (that work well and The Price Is Right, as they, and of course, if I could find room to mount them-----one behind (or beside, depending how you look at them) and slightly higher than the other, the way Custom cars have had them (usually electric antennae, though) for yrs. Oh well, since I'm sure they're beyond my meager build budget, I guess I've wasted enough of your time.

        How's that for muddying the waters for ya? LOL.



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          I agree with StudeRich that it is AC-3012 (i have one here) but this number is listed for 1959-63 cars. The earlier ones (1953-58) have a raised black plastic peice around the base and a round chrome knob at the tip. You have to ignore the photos in the 1959-63 accessory brochures. They used artwork from earlier models and airbrushed over them to add confusion!