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Golden Hawk 400 ideas. Clone? Engineering?

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    Originally posted by studegary View Post
    I do not know what you are replying to. My own 1957 Golden Hawk, not a 400, was built with power windows and power seat (singular). They were regular options on all 1957 Hawks.
    It all makes sense now!! He just wanted to do his homework and confirm his is truly one of the ten show cars before 'coming out of the garage' with it!




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      Just for fun I looked up the production order on my 57 Golden Hawk serial number 6101404 final assembly date 11/26/56 By serail number and final assembly date on the car in question it appears that 293 Golden Hawks were built in the 16 days between the tow Also on my car the date written is 11/15/56 with date to ship 11/20/56 They must have been busy because the date completed was 6 days late to an aside I was told years ago that employees could purchase the interior in question from surplus stock after golden hawk and packard hawk production was terminated after the 58 model year and that the price was indeed very it possible that the interior was added sometime later in the hawks life..?? Either way, the golden hawk is a great car ..Ive owned mine since 1975 and still enjoy the summer drives with ..happy holidays to all from winter in Wisconsin