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  • Studebaker books?

    I was wondering if there are any good Studebaker books anyone could recommend -- current or past. As a current vintage Mustang owner, I am used to seeing all kinds of books available for the car I own, with detail photos, specs, history, etc.

    I suppose it may be asking too much that there might be a book just on the bulletnose cars, since that is what I am most interested in, but a book favoring the 40s and 50s cars would be good.

    I checked and there don't seem to be many available and by the page count, doesn't seem to be alot of detail either. Anyway, just thought someone may know a good book to look out for.

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    Check the Studebaker National Museum web site. There was also a series of books from one of the magazines called "Cars of the 50's'; 'Cars of the 40's' etc. with some nice pictures.
    Ebay has a some good titles from time to time.

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      There is a book that is actually more of a novel. It is called "A Century On Wheels" and it is the complete history of the Studebaker corporation up to 1952, the centennial. It tells about the brothers, first wagon, the first shop, switching to cars, etc. I am really not a big reader of novels, but I read this one cover to cover and really enjoyed it, so it must be good![8D]

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        I really like the book More than they Promised, the Studebaker Story

        Available at Amazon

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        If you have the time (no photos by me):


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          There are about 15 or more books in print on Studebaker. I am not near my office right now so doing this from memory is hard.
          There was a series of "Archives" books using factory photos. Ed Reynolds did one on Hawks, and there is one on "Post War Body" cars which would cover the years you want 47 through 52. I would check E-Bay for listing on books and also a web site by Bob Johnstone I have one in front of me called Studebaker's Finest but that covers the development of the 1953 model year cars. There is material on the Bullet Nose. Another book "A Century on Wheels" by the Studebaker Museum might be to your liking.



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            I'm in the middle of reading My Father the Car, by Stu Chapman. VERY interesting and well put together.

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