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    I just used a fellow to haul a bike, but he mainly is a car guy. I emailed you. If interested get back to me.


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      Originally posted by alesha1
      hey you used Auto transport company which provide insurance
      (877) 808 0213
      Your sentence doesn't make sense. Is it a question?

      Anyway, Peg IS fully insured. And, she assures that all her drivers know how specifically to tie down a Studebaker- different from other brands and VERY important. Does 'Auto Transport' know this?
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        Frank, the owner of Horseless Carriage was very helpful in obtaining additional removeable time from Holiday Inn- Harrah's collection to coinside with his transporter that would be able to pick up my '42 Commander, Sparks Nevida, and deliver it to Davenport iowa on the transporters way to Detroit, Michigan. The '42 rode above a gull wing MB.


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          How appropriate, a 1942 Commander is classier than the Merc.
          John Clements
          Christchurch, New Zealand


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            They are referring to shipping a car accross the US and who is a good business to use. Peg has been used and approved by many, and would be able (and interested) to assist with any hassles that arose, some "cheapie" businesses wouldn't care.
            John Clements
            Christchurch, New Zealand


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              I used Horseless last year to bring my Avanti from Dayton, Ohio to my home in Fort Lauderdale. They were outstatning. The driver called every night to inform me of his progress and was very pofessional in every way.

              Mike - Assistant Editor, Turning Wheels
              Fort Worth, TX

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                I have collectible cars sent around the Country. For the past 8 years, I have used many, have fired many. A year ago I found Alpine Transport Inc. Mike, the owner has quality equipment and very responsible drivers. They have both open and enclosed transportation. I have only used enclosed for the cars and all of them have been transported with no damage without paying an arm or a leg. 563-382-0702.


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                  I need to haul a studebaker from seattle to portland, ore any good ones out there ?