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62 Lark help in Edmonton, Alberta

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  • 62 Lark help in Edmonton, Alberta

    Hello everyone,

    I lucked out with a Lark purchase two years ago, and have been trying to get it in running form (it won't take too much I've been told). I was in contact with a well known Studebaker guy here in Edmonton, but after two summers of trying to get together, I'm guessing he's just too busy. Does anyone know of another guy in Edmonton who is familiar with the Studebakers who will get my baby up and running? I couldn't stand another summer of it sitting there doing nothing.

    Does anyone take theirs to just a regular old run of the mill mechanic shop, you know, the ones who work on those boring new cars? : ) I mean, a car is a car....right? [B)]

    If it isn't clear already, I know nothing about cars. But I love my Lark.

    Thanks in advance,

  • #2 the 1st "expert" and see if he can recommend another friend....Other than their a Studebaker chapter anywhere near..?


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      Lori, I know there are a couple of people in your area. Hopeful someone will step up through the forum but I reccommend you join the SDC and order a roster. Attend a local meet or two and you will most likely find the info you need. Good Luck, Steve

      STOLEN Studebaker!Ventura County ad says contact
      Barry @ 805-218-3658


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        Curtis Lagasse. He works on other peoples Studebaker's and he will get you up and running. Pass me your phone number and I will pass it on to him.


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          Hi Lori, have you received a response? I live near Leduc, perhaps I can help.


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            Thank you everyone! I'm good!


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              Anyone who owns a Studebaker is good. yup.

              '50 Champion, 1 family owner