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  • Studebaker podcast available

    Studebaker fans,

    Hi, my name is Todd Ruel, and I run an orphan car web site called Torq-O.

    Recently, I published a podcast interview with Stu Chapman, Studebaker's last Director of Advertising.

    Stu just published a book called My Father the Car, and we wanted to talk to him about it. Find out how Stu and others in middle management struggled to save the company while upper management strangled it slowly. And what story would be complete without an epic villain? In this case, would you believe...Richard Nixon?

    Check out the podcast on the Torq-O Podcasts page. It's free. No strings attached. You can download the enhanced version (with pictures) or the straight audio version. Enjoy!

    ----Todd Ruel, Torq-O: Orphan Car News and Fun Products

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    To get to the "Podcast" just click on this link:



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      Just finished listening to the pod cast.

      50 min

      You don't need to have an Ipod to listen, link on the web page will allow you to listen.


      117 weeks till completion.
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        Hi, Studebaker fans.

        You're my audience. So, what did you think of the podcast?

        Did it work for you? If yes, tell me what you liked and what you want more of.

        If not, tell me why. I enjoy doing this stuff for orphan car fans and would like to know how to make it better.

        Thanks for listening! ----Todd Ruel


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          Very interesting. Well worth the time spend.