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Odd Stude resale shop find

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  • Odd Stude resale shop find

    My son just gave me an interesting gift. It's a 9 x 5 x 3.5 inch Black leather (or fake) case. On the front is stamped ROTEX, which I believe is a label maker. Now, they must have used it to write STUDEBAKER, the ghost of which appears above the clasp. All that remains is the adhesive. Anyone out there happen to have owned this? Signed, Mystified in Detroit

    Gary Hildebrandt

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    Gary, Rotex makes industrial screen-printing machines. Likely what was in that case was a screen or set of screens for a Studebaker logo, to be printed onto merchandise or materials of some sort.


    Clark in San Diego
    '63 F2/Lark Standard

    Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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      Wow, this really has my imagination going wild. The resale store we shop at is "Value World". I believe they get their stuff from "Purple Heart". Thank you Showbiz.

      Gary Hildebrandt