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Studebakers hidden everywhere... new pic

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  • sals54
    Say, Ed, What did you say was the exact address and zip code of the yard where that truck was lurking ? ? ? ? ? Too bad, I'm stuck here in California.! ! Jus' Kiddin'


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  • edpjr
    started a topic Studebakers hidden everywhere... new pic

    Studebakers hidden everywhere... new pic

    For 10 years I've been driving home from work each day through a rather "rough" neighborhood in Charlotte, NC. Along the way there's a garage/body shop with a fenced in area that has always been covered with dense hedges and growth. As I was heading home today, surprise, somebody, maybe the city, had cut down all the brush. Right inside the fence, now visible from the road, was a late 40s early 50s model round cab Studebaker truck. I did a double take and clearly saw "STUDEBAKER" on the tailgate. All I know for now is that it's green and has probably been sitting right there among the other relics for many years. After 44 years since the last Studes rolled off the assembly line, it's amazing how many are still out there hiding. [^]

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