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Old Stude dealership in York PA?

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  • Old Stude dealership in York PA?

    Someone in York's going to know this...

    Four of us from the Hamilton Chapter SDC who went to this year's York meet together in a rented van were driving round downtown York for the heck of it; one of us (who was driving) particularly likes old architecture, and went wild at the sight of a community health center on one of York's main drags (George St?) that had very plainly once been one of the grand old "hotel lobby" car dealerships. We pulled off and parked, and I took a bunch of photos of this splendid old edifice. Full-width leaded-glass windows above the first-floor picture-windows and entranceway still proclaimed, SALES--AUTOMOBILES--SERVICE; also present in that row of glazing, two wheel logos that only needed the Studebaker sash to be "complete". And at top centre of the facade was a large circular stone frame for either a stonework or glass medallion; this currently had the name of the health center in leaded glass, but the Studebaker wheel logo would have looked right at home there too (just as we've seen it in many photos of other dealerships taken through the years: same location and style, too).

    Can anyone confirm the building we saw as a Studebaker dealership, or fill us in on which make was sold there if not Studebaker?


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    I work at a Chrysler Dealership about 25 minutes south of York. Some of the guys at the Dealership live in York. If you can send a picture of the bulding, I can check with the guys to see if any of them recoginze it. George street is a very long street, do you have any additional information that might give us an idea of where it is? I asked them, and they did say there used to be an old Dodge Dealership on George St. One of the guys at work has an old 56 President. He just inherited it. He said he is going to try to search what Dealership it came from. It would possibly have come out of the York or Hanover area.



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      In 1959, there were three Stude dealers in York.

      R.W. Bowman & Son, Lincolnway East (that's the same as US 30)

      Springer Motors, 2700 E. Market St.

      D. Earl Wolf Motors, 1781 W. Market St.

      Don't see any on George Street, and the only list I have is from 1959.

      Skip Lackie
      Washington DC
      Skip Lackie


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        East and West Market Street locations are on what was US Route 30 as it ran through downtown York. At 2700 E. Market st today is a self storage facility. At 1781 W Market St is a craft store.
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          Thanks all; the hunt continues, I found a photo online that leads me to suspect the dealership may possibly have been Packard...stay tuned.