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need a dualley ???

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    No reply from the seller yet. Maybe they just check e-mail on weekends!


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      It's now three days without a response from the seller. Listing's still running. I'm wondering if this is a "forced sale" and the ad is just to make it look like he's going along with it; "No interest yet, Honey." I can empathize, so I'll let this one rest.

      This is another opportunity to test my belief that all Studebakers find the right home. Anyone flag me with a similar find, 3/4 to 1 ton.


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        In spite of what I said in my last post, I did try a couple of other things to make contact. I sent another response to the seller through craigslist from a different e-mail address. I posted my own craigslist ad asking anyone in the Boerne or San Antonio area who might know the truck's seller to ask them to make contact with me, also through craigslist.

        Anybody have any other idea how to make contact? I wonder if the seller subconsciously put a valid, but unused e-mail address in the craigslist contact info. Or maybe their e-mail provider is having an oops.


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          Okay, so call me OC, you might be right. I sent ANOTHER e-mail to the seller of this truck...AND I GOT A RESPONSE AND A PHONE NUMBER! As I've found about half the time with craigslist, the seller had someone computer savvy list the truck.

          Is anybody in the area of Boerne, TX? It's about 30 miles northwest of San Antonio, just off I-10.