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Studebakers in Winter 06 Muscle Car Review

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  • Studebakers in Winter 06 Muscle Car Review

    The Winter 2006 Muscle Car Review, which now seems to be a quarterly, is on the newsstands. Writer Tom Shaw therein penned a 4-page report on The 2006 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race, with 11 color photographs. [] (You may remember the photo of Tom on Page 8 of the February 2007 Turning Wheels, in "our" report of the event.)

    Tom's Winter 2006 Muscle Car Review article contains two Studebaker references. One is a paragraph discussing the annual battle that took place between Rob Clary's 427 Yenko Camaro and George Krem's 1964 R3 Challenger. We didn't even have the Challenger at The 2006 Pure Stock Drags, but Tom mentioned it anyway, recalling Ted Harbit as the driver and that the R3 Challenger "...ran in the high 12s and gave the Yenko fits."

    The article's second Studebaker mention is a photo of Peter Sant launching his Avanti [:0] against Jay Tucker's 1967 Corvette in the shootouts. The caption to that photo allows that Peter lost by "overunning his qualifying ET," which is another way of saying he broke out. [xx(] But you already knew that from, again, the February 2007 Turning Wheels report.

    Overall, more nice Studebaker exposure from Tom Shaw in the national muscle car press. BP
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