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Interesting York Vendor Transaction

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  • Interesting York Vendor Transaction

    Can anyone tell me the name of this vendor at York, bear with me here;
    Entering the building from the outside through the left set of double doors, he was the first vendor immediately inside the door on the left against the wall. Most all used parts.
    Reason I bring this up...I want to mention how pleased I am in dealing with this gentleman.
    Bear with me this story may get a little long.
    At the 2009 meet I purchased an interior rear view mirror from him that I thought would fit my 57 Transtar. I did not have the truck at the meet last year to see if the mounting bracket would work. I got the mirror home last year and discovered it wasn't even close to fitting correctly.
    On Saturday, I took the mirror along in hopes of finding the correct one in his collection.
    I drove my truck this year and he allowed me to take a mirror out and check the fit. I couldn't find any that worked.
    Ends up, he gave me my money back on a mirror I bought a year ago. Where else would you get that kind of generosity?
    He could have said "tough beans", your loss but no. He was the one that offered the refund without me asking. Although my initial purchase price was only $5.00, and it wouldn't have been a big loss, that still stands out to me as a reputable vendor/gentleman.
    I would gladly give my business to a man like this.
    I just thought I would mention this to you all, if you know who he is I wanted to recognize his generosity.

    Oh by-the-way, I'm still looking for an interior rear view mirror to fit a 57 Transtar.

    57 Transtar

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    I believe that was Albert Hall from A & B Studebaker in Pennsyvania.

    Very nice gentleman...

    '57 Champion

    If you have the time (no photos by me):


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      The vendor you are talking about are the brothers AL and BUD Hall from up Lewisburg way. They are long time Keystone members and long time Studebaker vendors. Al also is a past KRC President in about 1995 - 1997 period.
      sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past


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        I've dealt with Albert Hall on an occasion or two. I recall buying a set of valve covers to chrome. When I received them in the mail one was for a 61 without the vent. No good to me and I contacted him. Within a week another correct valve cover was at my door.

        Honest and good guy. As for the other valve cover he didn't want it back.

        1964 R2 GT Hawk

        1963 Daytona Convertible
        Oakville, Ontario.
        Hamilton Chapter

        1964 GT Hawk
        PSMCDR 2014
        Best time: 14.473 sec. 96.57 MPH quarter mile
        PSMCDR 2013
        Best time: 14.654 sec. 94.53 MPH quarter

        Victoria, Canada


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          I found a specific horn there for our friend PeterHawk's GT. He let me rifle through his horn box, and even offered to let me take viable candidates out to test them. Found the right make 'HI' horn that worked. Price? $5.

          I hereby add my good experience to this list[^]

          Robert (Bob) Andrews- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys)
          Parish, central NY 13131



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            Yes, now that you guys are bringing his name up I do recollect them being from PA.
            I'm not sure which one I dealt with, Al or Bud. He had black rimmed glasses. Sure wished I had picked up a card. A fine man he is.
            If any of you know him, pass along my thanks to him.
            As I'm writing I found this address and link on Google

            A and B Studebaker Parts
            Albert C. Hall
            2304 Continental Blvd.
            Turbotville, PA 17772


            I'm going to drop him a line and thank him myself.