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1946 Champion Coupe/VIN

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  • 1946 Champion Coupe/VIN

    Being new to Studes, by the time I got the bumpers & grille to the car dug out from the previous owner's storage, SURPRISE! It is a '46, not a '41 as was advertised. I couldn't tell without all the trim laid out, but it is mine now.

    Anyway, can someone decode this information:
    VIN G209280
    Cowl tag 5G081261

    Haven't seen many of these near post-war Studes advertised, especialy the two passenger coupes, so I would guess they are somewhat rare? Anyone have the production numbers?

    I could use a better trunk lid, but most trim is there, even the curtains behind the seat.

    Thanks to any and all who help with replys.

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    Based on my 1950, The "G" number is the VIN or Serial number that Studebaker assigned to the vehicle. The Cowl tag is:

    5G (year)
    08 body style
    1261 is the body number that was dropped onto the frame.

    Someone else on theforum can problem nail it down better for body style and correct me if I am wrong.


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        G is the code letter for Champion models. Starting serial no. is G193001. Your car came down the line 16,000+ cars later.
        The body tag says 5G (a 1946 model year Champion). The next letter is a Q, not an O, and Q was used to identify the 3-passenger coupe body style. The number 8 identifies this as a 3-passenger business coupe.
        There was also a '10' body called a 5-passenger coupe. If you wonder why it didn't use the 'C' body code, it's because the two rear seats in this body were 'jump' seats, or fold-down seats.

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          Your dash should have a 'Champion' script on the speaker grille like this one. '42's has a lazy-S on it.



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            A minor update on the 5G-Q10 body type. This was the so-called Double Dater, which had the shelf and curtains behind the front seat replaced with a bench seat. Studebaker advertized this as a 5-passenger coupe. Right....if the rear seat passengers are in kindergarten, or have no legs below the knee. The back seat has zero legroom. Zero. It is small, but a true bench seat, not fold-downs. They made this Q10 model starting in '41 (I think....Studeq will correct me) so I guess that is why they continued it in the short '46 model run.

            Jim Shoul's wonderful car is a 5G-Q10 Double Dater. I have a conventional 5G-Q8 business coupe like yours, a daily driver which I love.

            BTW, I have started an update of Alex Wiley's 1985-86 Roster of 46's. Give me an address and I will send you one. I am looking for help to update it further! ) 1946 production of Double Daters was 1,285, Business Coupes 2,465, 2-dr sedans(F body)5,000 and 4-dr sedans(W body)10,535, total 19,275.



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              Thanks for all the replies. Now I understand what I bought.
              Can anyone tell me what year(s) trunk lid will interchange with the '46? That is about the rust-through item that I need to replace.

              Also, will the front ends (fenders and hood) interchange between the '46 and earlier years? I know the trim and grilles are different and a single fender or hood couldn't be changed out, but was wondering if the whole assembly would, like some of the early Chevy pickups which basically will change out from '47-'54.


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                The deck lids are the same for all the 1941, 1942 and 1946 CHAMPIONS (not Commander or President) except for the holes drilled for the ornaments are different. The front clip from a '41 or '42 Champion will also fit.

                Richard Quinn
                Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review
                Richard Quinn
                Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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                  I might add the November/December 2004 issue of The Antique Studebaker Review has an extensive article on the 1946 Studebaker Skyway Champions. Back issues are available at $7.00 postpaid. The photo above is one of several included in this issue. Contact me if interested.

                  Richard Quinn
                  Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review
                  Richard Quinn
                  Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review