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1964 Avant VIN plate

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  • 1964 Avant VIN plate

    I have completed a frame off restoration of my 1964 Avanti. In the process I have misplaced and cannot find the VIN plate which I removed to have my Avanti painted.

    Can someone tell me where I can buy a blank VIN plate.

    It is scheduled for auction in April and the auction company said they can emboss the numbers if I can supply a blank VIN plate. Please help.

    George J Bacalis

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    Those are not normally sold at all, but I am guessing that Nostalgic Avanti in Wixom, MI may have some, as they acquired a lot of the Studebaker Avanti parts when Avanti Motors sold them after the change of many Chassis parts to Chevrolet. [^]

    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Are you refering to the vin plate affixed to the passenger side front framerail - or the body plate attached to the passenger side inner fender?

      The vin plate is stamped with Stude font - you can get reproduction vin plate decals (the factory vin plate used painted on printing for everything except the stamped vin#). I don't know who has vin stamps in the correct font. I have two blank body plates, but so far I haven't found anyone with the correct embossing dies.

      If you do find anyone who can reproduce either of these correctly, please post that info.