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61 Lark 4 door.Need parts?

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  • 61 Lark 4 door.Need parts?

    I have a line on a 61 Lark 4 door.V8 car with manual brakes. It is complete. It will be a parts car due to frame rot. If this deal happens,what 61 specific parts (besides tail lights) are hard to find,and does anyone need anything specific? I know it has at least 1 good tail light. Let me know,Thanks!

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    While I do not need anything, trunk is a little different than others as well as the stainless on the front fenders.

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      The trim is different, and the front grill panel is different as well as the trunk lid. And, if its a Cruiser, there is a few more. I got to ask though, does it have a intact drivers door inside door panel?

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        I could use the hood and back bumper if they are in good shape.


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          I do not know about the door panel. I will know more in a few weeks. It was looked at by a friend,and I have very few pics of it. Barring any silly snow getting in the way I should have it home in a few weeks.Be nice if the motor runs. I will keep notes and let you guys know about things when its here.


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            JDC, Jerry Forrester might end up with a rear bumper that needs rechroming.Contact him about price/availability.