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56/57 Champion Regal (W6) part 1312830W/1312831W

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  • 56/57 Champion Regal (W6) part 1312830W/1312831W

    I'm looking for these parts in any condition, to buy, or if anyone has a car with them, pictures and/or measurements. These are the "V" checkmarks on the rear quarter on both sides. 30 is right, and 31 is left. They are only on the 56 and 57 W6 Regal Champions, which were only sold as export models and in Canada, and the production numbers were quite low. No W6 Champions were sold in the US. As far as I can figures out from several sources, these were essentially the short wheelbase sedans with the 185 which had the interior trimmings and fabrics of a President. At one time SASCO had at least one side, but they closed up before I could follow up with them, and Stude-Intl can't seem to find them. They are somewhat different than the other "V" usually seen on the various Hawks, in that they are 'flatter'. The illustration/part number in the body part cat is 2104-159 & the plates are on pages 48 and 50.

    Jim B on PEI
    63 259 o/d Wagonaire
    57 Champion W4 o/d
    57 Champion W4 automatic