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  • Forward thinking

    I am a person who is happiest when I have a plan and a goal. I am also a person who has limited mechanical skill and a limited pocket book.

    Therefore, I have made a decision: that my time with Miss Rose, the 1963 Lark Regal, is going to be limited because I love the car, and can not do for it as I wish that I could. So, that means that I will have to sell her at some point in the near future - 2011 or 2012 (I do want a season with the car which I bought last fall), and would like to sell her to someone who can love her as I do and has the expertise to get her back to tip top shape. Right now I would say that she is a daily driver for a warmer climate. She will need some Stude tin worm repair to the lower doors and a paint job up top. Mechanically she's not bad and always starts right up.

    The other side of the coin is that I have also decided that when I do find her a new home, I want to buy a 1959-1966 Studebaker station wagon - OR - 1963-1965 Daytona or Cruiser that is in fairly good condition, and close to stock (no rods or custimzations - just not my style) as I can find.

    So what I am asking is - if there is anyone out there planning finding a new home for your Studebakers in the coming years - or know of someone in the same boat - let me know or at least keep me in mind. I can promise love it, take car of it and keep it safe and spread the Studebaker gospel.

    Stu K

    '63 Lark Regal, "Miss Rose"

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    I think your attitude and thought process is excellent! Would that we all were that advanced in how we view the hobby. I personally am getting there[:I]

    In my mind, none of us own any of our cars in the strictest sense- you can't take it with you! We're all just temporary caretakers, and our goal is to enjoy it the short while it's with us, and hopefully pass it into the future. Likely it's for someone we will never know, and even people who have no idea they'll want it, or maybe even not yet born! Kinda cool when you think about about it

    That said, I like Rose Mist 4 doors... let me know when it's time to and yours off

    Robert (Bob) Andrews- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys)
    Parish, central NY 13131