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Steering column woes...

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  • Steering column woes...

    We have been slowy putting my car back together and now we are doing the steering column. The owner before us had a nova tilt steering column custom cut to fit the car and the nova subframe welded on under the car. When the car was sandblasted, a ton of sand got into the column and messed it up. Well fixing it is beyond my capabilities or most anyones capabilities for that matter (trust me, my dad and I tried everything). So my question is, what steering column would be 42" from rag joint to wheel and would fit the rag joint on a Chevy steering box? Would a stock Stude column work or would I have to make something? My money is tight.

    Alex Nelsen, 15 year old Studebaker nut.
    1954 Champion Coupe
    Lizella, GA
    Alex Nelsen, certified Studebaker nut.
    Driving a 1954 Champion Coupe powered by a Chrysler 383.
    Lizella, GA

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    Alex, I suspect anything you find that will fit will cost more than fixing the column you have. Do you have a local street rod club? I am sure somebody there has had a Nova column apart and would help you clean yours (and replace the bearings). They are pretty common. You might try a Chevy dealership too--talk to one of the older mechanics. Most of us old gearheads are glad to help a kid learn something, expecially if he is not hotrodding a Honda.

    Good Luck!

    Jeff Jones
    Tucson Arizona
    1947 M-5